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    Published Data Source - Permissions not working...users can see all!

    Meghan Kyle

      Hi Everyone,


      Tableau Server & Desktop Version: 10.1.4


      I have a published data source on Tableau Server. It is a LIVE data source that connects to a SQL Server db. I have set the permissions of this data source so that only two analysts can connect and I can edit. "All Users" have permissions set to NONE.  This data source is in UAT and we don't want anyone but our two analysts to have access.


      What's happening however is one of the analysts has published a workbook to Server that connects to this data source. His primary user is able to connect to that workbook and see all data, interact with the dashboard etc.  I don't understand this because I thought that by setting permissions on the data source itself it would prevent anyone NOT listed from accessing workbooks connected to it.


      Am I missing something?