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    Multiple URLs to access 1 Tableau Server

    Brad Sheridan

      We have a single server instance of Tableau Server 10.2 that has a URL of something like https://mycompany.product-suite.com.  We already have TabServer configured as a multi-site deployment.  SSL is enabled and the CA certificate is in place.  Everything is working fine.


      Now some people within the organization would like to provide 'custom' URLs to 2 separate external customers.  For example, customer 1 would access TabServer by https://somecompanyname.com and customer 2 would access the same TabServer instance by going to https://completelydifferentname.com.  Obviously these are made up URLs but the question is simply, "can we have multiple URLs all point to one instance of TabServer?  Do I need to do something with Tableau Configuration?  What about the SMTP setup?  What about the SSL Certificate...do I need to do something there?