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    Which chart best to use

    J Ross

      I have the data in the right place(from the excel sheet). I want to create a comparison graph that will best match the wants of each segment. Which would be the best one to use?

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          Vincent Baumel

          There's a number of ways to show this, and part of our job as data visualization practitioners is knowing which chart options are available to us, and which ones might best tell the story we're looking to illustrate. At first glance, it seems that your data isn't very optimized. Your table is wide and short, rather than tall and narrow. If you were to restructure your data to just a few columns, it might be a good place to start. You've got some overlay between the various segments (certain WANTS like 'Fast Graphics', 'fast processing', and 'easy on eyes' appear several times) so perhaps a table like this would be better:




          peace of mindCost Cutter Wants132
          peace of mindWork Horse Wants


          peace of mindTraveler Wants


          Fast graphicsInnovator Wants


          Fast graphicsMercedes Wants


          minimum complexityCost Cutter Wants127
          Easy to set upCost Cutter Wants125
          Little trainingCost Cutter Wants124


          One you have your data restructured like this it should make segment comparison much easier, since there's only one dimension (Segment) that can be used as detail for breakdown. Once it's structured like this, you can use just about anything to compare segments!




          Let me know if this helps!

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