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    Is it possible to use the standard calendar day/week as a data field without having to add it to my data source?

    Andrew goecke

      Hi Tableau community,


      I am in need of a funky calculation that shows week number based on 2 data sources and the use of the calendar year so that I can highlight on week numbers that do not have data present. More simply, I need to see the zeros within my data and Tableau by default only shows me unique values and dates for which my data corresponds. I can explain much more easily with screenshots. The first screenshot is what my data returns to me as of now. The second screenshot is what I desire so that I can do some additional calculations. I have attached my combined workbook and I look forward to connecting with you.







      I want to be able to create this table (notice the zero columns are the ones that I do not have source data for, but for the desired calculation, I need to see the calendar year flow normally):