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    WDC still needed for Tableau v10?

    Lance E Sloan .

      I'm glad Tableau v10 added support for JSON data.  Another user confirmed that for me in the forum recently.  Since then, I've installed the latest version of Tableau Desktop and experienced it myself.  Not only does it support JSON, it supports JSONL, too.


      I hoped that this JSON support might also mean built-in support for REST web services which return data in that format.  However, that seems to not be the case.  Can anybody confirm this for me?


      I have a lot of data in the form of JSON I'd like to work with in Tableau.  The best ways for me to access that data is either via REST web service API calls or to directly query the MongoDB which stores the data for that service.  It appears that WDC is required for accessing the service or the MongoDB BI connector for accessing the data.  Either way, it's an additional application that needs to be run.  It's not a very difficult thing for me to use, but I anticipate the need to provide extra support to my colleagues who want to use my Tableau reports.  I'd also need to maintain the custom WDC for our REST service.


      It would be much simpler if Tableau provided built-in support for these features.  Alternatively, plugins or extensions for these features would be appreciated.  At the very least, let Tableau call external programs.  That would at least allow users to call programs that can use cURL to get data without the need to start up a server for WDC.

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          Vanessa Harmon

          Hi Lance, if I understand your post correctly, it sounds like the data is already being stored in MongoDB and the difficulty is in either connecting to it there or being unable to connect directly to the web service that's writing the data without using a WDC.


          Since you made this post Tableau Desktop 10.3 has been released- including a native connector to MongoDB. Take a look and see if the native connector might meet your needs.

          MongoDB BI Connector


          I looked through the Ideas forum and found some posts that sound similar to what you're describing, but in most cases WDC is the solution. I'd recommend searching to see if you can find an idea that is similar to yours and give some more information about the proposed use case, or create a new idea.