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    Cloudera Impala Hadoop connection no longer works after upgrate to 10.2.2

    Jeff Machkovich

      We just upgraded our Tableau 9.2.3 to 10.2.2 and we upgraded our Cloudera Impala ODBC dirver to 2.5.37.  Now, our Tableau TDS's using Impala ODBC connections to Hadoop are no longer are working.  Upon this discovery, I rolled back the Cloudera Impala ODBC to the previously working 2.5.35 version, still does not work.  This feature was working just fine before upgrade.  The only change was the upgrade to Tableau 10.2.2.


      Interestingly, Tableau workbooks with an embedded Impala connection to Hadoop do work just fine, only the TDS fails. 

      - Using Tableau Desktop to connect to a server TDS will fail

      - Creating New Workbook on server from a published TDS will fail


      Out authentication method is "Prompt for Credentials" ( Username/Passord SSL )


      The error messages reads:

      [Cloudera][ImpalaODBC] (100) Error from the Impala Thrift API: SASL(-1): generic failure: All-whitespace username.


      Has anybody experienced something like this?


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