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    Anjal S

      The license used now is core-based license. I have more then 1200 users to add in future. Wanted to know, If there will be any impact on the server If I add. First of all, Can we add those many users with the licensing being used now. Please find the screenshots of the licensing. One is for stage server and other one is prod server.


         Will there be any specific number of count, like any count limit for the users. Thanks in advance.


      This is for production server.


      Here I have two worker nodes. So, they are equally split for two worker nodes. That is 8 for each worker nodes.


      This is for Stage server.





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          HI Anjal,


          Your question is not much clear. Could you please elaborate more and also share the number of nodes in production with their Hardware details. Also share the Status window screen shot to understand about the application configuration.

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            Anjal S

            I would like to know If we can add more then 1200 users in tableau server to access the portal or Is there any limit count for the users. So, The total number of Nodes in production are four nodes, Two are application nodes. Where, One is primary node and the other is application node. The rest two are worker nodes. Please find the screenshot for hardware,



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              Brandon Babbitt



              With a core-based license, there is no limit on the number of users that you can add to Tableau Server.  You can add as few or as many users as you want, however you'll need to consider performance as well.


              From Planning Your Tableau Server Deployment :

              An important consideration when using a core-based license model will be performance, because a set number of cores can only support so many users without having an impact on server responsiveness. Depending on the complexity of the workbooks on the server, extract usage, user concurrency, and the depth of interaction, you can support 10 and 100 users per core and still expect reasonable performance.


              Hope this helps!