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    Distinct count based on x previous periods

    Benjamin Moerman



      I've already read dozen of posts with a similar name but nothing seems to work.

      I would like to make a distinct count of customers based on a rolling Period.


      Let's use the Superstore database and try to have rolling 3 rolling month data (I will replace that 3 by a parameter then)

      I would like to see a month by month line graph, saying that December 2015 is 439 (439 being the countd([Customer Name]) filtered on the last 3 months)


      December (count of distinct customers based on the 3 months before December)



      then build something very simple like that, but with values coming from above (December being 439, November being 445...)


      Tried several window sum or date diff but there is something I don't get.

      thanks for your help,