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    Data Source Cross Reference

    Mark Simms

      Are there any utilities to cross reference data sources ? i.e. Which workbooks are using which data sources....tables, views, etc.

      We have an ETL process that is failing and want to know which workbooks are impacted.

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          Mark Simms

          Guys - I am looking for a report like:

          Database    Table/View        Workbook Name     URL

          ------------     -------------        ---------------------      ----

          DW_XYZ      PRODUCT      ProductUsage       WWW.MYTABLEAU.COM/XYZ/123

          DW_ABC      CUSTOMER   CustomerSurvey   WWW.MYTABLEAU.COM/ABC/789


          Since we use Custom SQL often for all of our data sources, the tool to build the above would need to parse the SQL and determine all tables and views being referenced.

          The powertools products cannot do this....especially not on the server side. Even their desktop product cannot quite handle custom SQL.

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            Satish C

            I do not know of a utility that does this. Interested to know if someone can suggest one.


            I am thinking in the lines of accessing postgres tables like data_connections/hist_data_connections, datasources, workbooks,  and building a custom admin view. Not entirely sure if the data in those can get what you are looking for though.