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    Create set/group for qualified projects

    Sahrear Seraj

      Hi All,


      I'm very new in the Tableau world but I have the basic understanding of Database and SQL.


      My problem is, I have 5 columns as:

      1. Project ID

      2. Activity ID

      3. Activity Type

      4. Actual End Date

      5. Project Milestone Status


      I want to select ALL corresponding Project ID where Activity Type is Milestone and Actual End Date is not null. So, in attached workbook, I need to count of Project ID (i.e. P100) as 4 and 4 activities because the milestone activity's end date is not null. Subsequently I don't want to pick Project ID P200 as it's milestone's Actual End Date is null.


      Can you please guide on how I can only filter P100 and count of 4 activities? Thanks.


      If it was in Database I could run Custom SQL but I join a Tableau extract with a static excel file in my local drive so I think I can't use the custom SQL option in Tableau. Please share your thoughts. Thanks.