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    Programmatic publishing to tableau server

    Matthew Naylor



      I'm looking for opinions & info on the state of play for TDS & TWB manipulation. Suggested tools / methods etc.


      Effectively what I have been attempting is to enable our BI developers to create template workbooks & data sources that I can then publish to multiple customers programticly ( Using Individual databases, but with the same schemas etc.. )


      With the REST & Document API's I can happily update TDS's & TDSX's to use the correct databases + credentials before publishing.

      However updating the TWB's to point to the correct published data source seems to me to be outside of the scope of the current API's.


      Is anyone able to provide any suggestions on how I could manipulate the TWB's to link to published data sources ?

      Hoping this can be done with Tableau approved methods without resorting to hacking the XML