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    Searching using multiple filters

    Michael Black

      Hi all.  I'm new to Tableau and have a hard time getting my dashboard to act the way that I would like.  I have a huge data set and our auditors would like an interface to be able to locate their data easily without us mining for them.  I need to be able to search using 5 different criteria (account number 1, account number 2, FEIN, business name, and owner name).  I added quick filters and that works to where we can search using any of the criteria, but if you don't clear field 1 when you try to use field 2 to search for a new account, nothing returns.  I started playing with showing only relevant values, but we don't need a hierarchy. Would be great if we could search by any one search criteria, and the rest of the search fields defaulted to the corresponding value.  Also, because this data set is SO large, I need to be able to load it either blank or with a default value, otherwise it will take way too long to load.


      Thanks in advance for any insight anyone can provide!  I've been working on this for days now, but can't quite seem to perfect it.