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    Updated Data Source in Tableau Server not refreshing in workbooks

    Mark Edwards



      I've just been updating a series of Data Sources, republishing them to Tableau Server.  The extent of the change that I've made is to edit a manual sort on a dimension field, since some Workbooks which connected to the Data Sources used filters on them and the sort order was wrong.


      Now when I build a new workbook using the published data source, I can see my new sort order working as expected.  I can also login to Tableau Server and look at the list of Data Sources and confirm that they were updated by me at the times I did so.


      Yet, for some reason the Workbooks in Tableau Server haven't dynamically adopted this new sort order.  Do they also need to be revised and republished?  It seems a little crazy to have to go through the same step for both the Data Source and the Workbook.


      What have I missed?


      Much love!