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    HR Dashboard: Time to Start Help

    Leigh Winik

      This would be part of a larger dashboard that would share some variables for the end user to filter on, one of which is shown here as “Function”.

      What we’re trying to show is the average number of days that it take to move someone through the hiring process, using the steps from:

      • Apply to Screen
      • Screen to Interview
      • Interview to Hire

      Here's a link to the sample data: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1L4GskgOBvtPcIL9cW92435IknN66U4kjuvwQIjT6dVI/edit?usp=sharing

      Here's a link to the viz mockup (using different numbers than in the sample data, but you should get the idea):http://imgur.com/a/DAraM

      How can I achieve this? I'm thinking some sort of waterfall chart, but am getting nowhere when trying to use averages when it comes to showing the Grand Total bar, and no clue how to do the combined steps in between.

      Any help would be appreciated!


      Sorry - I don't have access to my work computer that I have Tableau on for a few days, so I can't post a packaged workbook.  Hopefully the google doc will suffice!