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    Is it possible to give the end user the option to drag\drop dimensions on to the worksheet to slice the data further.


      I just started working with Tableau. I am wondering if there is way, the end user can drag\drop dimensions to the existing work sheet. I want to the end users to have Interactor role, so, they slice and dice the data.



      For Example: I have Sales Amount as Measure and Date(Year,Quarter, Month) and Region(Continent-Country) as dimension.


      In the default worksheet that is published to the server - it has Sales Amount and Date as the original view. I want the end user to have the ability to slice the data by Region as well.


      I do not want to include "Region" in the default view that is published on to the server but I want to provide this dimension on the side, so, if the end user thinks, they want to slice the data further, they can drag that column on to worksheet.


      I really would like them to be able to this with interactor role and directly on the Tableau Server(without doing any edit and republishing it).


      Is this possible in tableau? thanks in advance.