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    Is local authentication needs to be done while configuring ADFS and SAML SSO

    Sriram Natesan



      My requirement is to install tableau server on a virtual machine by configuring SAML with ADFS configuration on Tableau Server. I have gone through the documentation

      online tableau help "Configure SAML with AD FS on Tableau Server " and needs few more clarification on some pre-requisites.



      1. Since the user Authentication is "permanent", I would like to know if i should configure it as "Local Authentication" or "Active Directory" authentication

      2. One of the pre-requsite says -  "A site administrator account that uses TableauID authentication. If SAML single sign-on fails, you can still sign in to Tableau Server as a site administrator." I am not clear when to create this account after installing as local authentication?


      Please help on this query