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    Showing % of total within dimension on Line Chart

    Jon Stoessel

      Hi All,


      It seems like I continue to run into this same issue and I never am smart enough to just document how I solved the problem.  I am think it would require a LOD calculation, but please help!!!


      I am using sensitive data, so I am going to have to post screenshots (sorry).  What I want to do is create a line chart the reflects the percent total across these three separate categories (A, B, C).  I want to be able to compare them relative to their own respective totals.  For instance, for "Music" I want to show A (2%) B (1%) and C (2%) on the same line chart.  Additionally, I would like to be able to switch between these programs using a filter (switch from Music to Religion for example).


      What I typically get once I create a line chart with these data is their row %.


      Line Chart Issue.JPG




      All help would be much appreciated!