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    How to calculate the percentage of a subset of my data

    Corey Blevins

      I have a set of data that includes the status of 200+ tasks, including: Not Started, In Progress, Deferred, Not Required, Completed etc.


      I have converted the status for each task to a matrix of 0 and 1.


      I want to calculate the % of Completed tasks, but it isn't based upon the total task list, it is based upon the subset of tasks that have a status that isn't "Not Required".


      To do this, I created fields for each task, such as sum([Completed]).


      I am trying to achieve essentially this: sum([Completed])/(sum([Completed])+sum([Not Started])+sum([Deferred])+sum([In Progress]))


      This does not work.


      This did work, however, it gives a different result based upon the sheet I am using, which is confusing the heck out of me.

      [c.completed count]/[number of records3]*100


      number of records3 = countd([Task Name])

      this is the percent1 attachment

      the percent 2 attachment (look in the tooltip) shows what happens when I try to use this measure on my main sheet.


      I have attached an excel sheet with my binary matrix if that will help. I cannot provide the columns that show the unique task names, as they are proprietary.


      Thanks in advance!!