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    Formatting of Subtotal font

    Niranjan Banarjee



      Can anyone let me know if the below formatting issue can be solved or any trick to solve it.




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          Ryan Ledoux

          Hi Niranjan,


          The ### means your number is too large to display. Please increase the width of your sheet or change number formatting units to be in thousands/millions.

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            Matthew Risley

            Ryan posted two good solutions but I will add a third - You can also mess around with the Size Card in combination with the other two to get the desired result.


            Hope this helps,


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              Niranjan Banarjee

              Client dont want to compromise on the font size or the units conversion.


              And if i increase the dashboard size then i have to undergo the same throughout all views.

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                Matthew Risley

                I could suggest that having two decimal places or more units rarely tells a "better story" of the data than one that is rounded. It is a part of dashboard theory, if there is such a thing.


                The main concept is - don't display anything that does not provide additional value that does not outweigh the extra time it takes to process the view.


                In short the question here is: does the value the extra decimal points bring outweigh the space and extra time it takes for the user to process? This also applies to the unit conversion.


                Ultimately the end user/client gets the final say... always. But approaching the situation from an angle of bringing extra professionalism is one that people often enjoy and go along with. The trick will be in how to bring this up.


                I would change the unit conversion here to make it look nice, and use a custom tooltip that allows the user to "drill down" on the specific number they are looking for. This may not solve this specific issue as it may not bring the solution you are looking for, but it can save space and also look more professional