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    Is it possible to check for a valid url/file extension in a dashboard action?

    Vee Gees



      I have a dashboard action which opens up a word docx from a sharepoint view. The action is as follows:


      https://share.companyname.com/sites/Project%20Status%20Reports/<Proj Name>.docx


      The project name (<Proj Name>) is a calculated field.


      The problem being this is hardcoded to files with ".docx" extension. The files in the sharepoint list can be one of 3 options: (1) .docx, (2) .doc or (3) .pptx


      Is there a way to check for a valid path or some other way to pick up whatever file is there i.e. will open any file extension after the project name is specified?


      Thanks in advance for any help!


      Tableau 10.0.1.