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    Mark Size on A Map for Longitude and Latitude

    Josh Behr

      I have a data set containing ~30 numbers, each one tied to a longitude and latitude. these numbers range from anywhere between 1 and 944. when i drop these numbers into the size mark section the numbers don't seem to be at a ratio that the size 1 is 944x smaller than the size 944, instead it looks like the size 1 is about 30x smaller than the size 944. The size of the circle on my map appears to be dictated by the relative location of the number on the list vs. the actual number size difference. is there anyway to change this>


      Here is a sceen shot of what i'm talking about. as you can see the 170 circle is barely smaller than the 944 even though i'd want the 944 to be about 5.5x bigger.