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    Alex Martino

      IIF([Category]=[Category Parameter],1,0) END


      This tells me that parameter doesn't exist and that there is an error.


      What is wrong?


      Category is just sales category and category paremeter takes that category and places into parameter.

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          Jaswanth Moolam

          Hi Alex Martino


          Can you post a screenshot?  Remove "End"


          Also, Flip your calculation IIF([category param] = [category],1,0).



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            SANDIP SHARMA

            Hi Alex,


            IIF condition Requires three arguments only IIF(Logical condition,then ,else) NOte: IIF formula is not required any END condition where as your IF condition requires the same.


            then = (What you want to perform for your logical condition)

            Else= Else Condition in case your logical condition is not matching.


            so your formula will be


            IIF([Category]=[Category Parameter],1,0)


            As far as [Category Parameter] existence concern please look into Parameter Section whether that Parameter is exiting there on not if not then recreate the same.