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    How to use parameter with filter

    Neeraj Goyal

      Dear all ,

      I am facing a problem while using parameters with filters .. request to you please share your comments... the scenario like this ..


      1. I have created a tabular report which look like this -


      order ID, product name , product description

      1               GPRS               Internet plan for 30 days

      2               GPRS-VIEW     Internet plan for 10 days

      3               GRPS-RATE    Internet plan for 15 days

      4               Call in                call in service locally

      5               Out bound           call barred

      6               IF                         incoming call free


      above is the tables viz given ( please note like this table contains thousands records)  .. Now I have to provide a filter in above viz, which look like this .


      (2) customer is asking filter the viz based on some key words lets say they have some key word ..

      1. Internet
      2. Call
      3. request


      now he is expecting a drop down filter in which four values such as

      • All
      • Internet
      • Call
      • request ..

      and saying if user select All ( from the filter) then all the records in DB should be displayed if user select Internet  then only those records should be display in which column product description  contain "Internet" & same for the call and request.


      (3) How am I achieving this : To achieve this first I have created a parameter having all the values as client desired ( All , Internet, Call, request).

      (4) Now I have created a calculated field such as


      (PRODUCT DESCRIPTION (Please note that product description is table's column ),PARAMETER NAME ( please note that here parameter name is the name of parameter which I have created as discussed above  ).

      after creation of this filed I am placing it in filter .


      (4) Till here all good when I am navigating through parameter then the desired result is showing such as if I am selecting ( through drop down  parameter ) Internet then rows 1,2,3 are displaying and when I am selecting call then rows 4,5,6 displaying  and when I am selecting request ..non of the rows displaying.


      (5) then what is the prob  if every thing is fine ?: Actually the prob is .. when I am selecting All , then non of the rows are displaying ( because the filter conditions failed ).. but client is expecting when he select All  then all the rows from DB should be display


      Request to all of you please give your valuable time and let me know how can I achieve it ..


      Regards ,