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    How do I delete old values from a Filter

    Victor Clarke

      Hi guys


      In my current workbook, I have a filter set on a field called "Intermediate Governance Group"


      Attached is a copy of the filter edit page, which shows a number of possible values for the field, including:


      • Overseer of Priests
      • Priesthood Leadership


      The problem I have is in the actual data, there are no data items with the value "Overseer of Priests" in the field "Intermediate Governance Group". There used to be, but after review of the data, I re-allocated all of those items into the category of Priesthood Leadership in my underlying data.


      But annoyingly the old value still appears as a possible (redundant and confusing) filter option, presumably because Tableau knows I filtered on it in the past, and wants to keep it as a valid filter option in case new data items get added which have this value. As that value is not going to be used in future, its redundant (and potentially confusing).


      How can I get Tableau to refresh all its filters so that only values that are valid in the current data are available for filtering, and old redundant values get removed?








      ps can't attach live database as data is not able to be published at this time