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    How to set default measures

    Neeraj Goyal

      Dear all ,

      In my DB , I have the following data .

      Groups                         Used efforts

      Sales analytics               5

      Product analytics           4

      sales analytics               6

      sales analytics               8    

      sales analytics               2

      product analytics          10

      product analytics           5

      sales analytics               4


      now I have to create a bar chart that yea of course its simple so I am able to create ..then what is the problem ? then problem is ..

      I bar chart I have to create 4 bars ... like this .

      1st Bar will show the group data of sales analytics  ( I can do that )

      2nd Bar will show the group data of product analytics (I can do that)

      3rd Bar will show the sum of sales and product analytics ( I can do that --by using analysis-> total-> show rows grand total).

      4th Bar:  before discussing 4th Bar ..request to you please read the below story..

      Basically -In above data used efforts  is the time consumed in sales and product analytics here I can not do the work more than say-50hours. so the objective of create this chart is - I wants to show efforts used by individual visual group ( we can achieve by Bar -1 &Bar-2)  and the total efforts used by both group ( achieve by Bar-3) and the maximum balance in above case ..

      bar -1 will show 25 hours

      bar-2 will show  19 hours

      bar -3 will show  44 hours .

      and bar -4 will show the 50 hours ( here 50 hours us fixed value ).

      for more clear picture request to you please see the below given  screen shot. (in below screen shot 3rd Bar's efforts showing a grand total of bar -1 and bar-2))


      Please let me know how would I create 4 th bar in bar chart

      bar chart.png