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    Permission on views creating issues.

    Ashish Shah

      I am trying to find some help around the problem I am facing. Would be great if anyone could help.


      My Situation: I am server administrator and have 6 projects to manage, 1 was created by me and others by my colleague. To provide access of my project to users, I have created a user group. I have set the project to be accessed thru this specific user group. For this user group I have set permission as 'Denied' for the workbooks in other 5 projects (so that users don't see those workbooks and its views). But some of the workbooks in other 5 projects have views which are having permissions independent of the related workbook. This is causing issue as these views are visible to my users (though the workbooks are not visible based on 'Denied' permission).


      Is there a way I can reset the inheritance of views to have permission via related workbook without setting them as tabbed?




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          Glen Robinson

          Hi Ashish

          Firstly, you dont necessarily need to use the explicit 'Denied' permission to stop a user from being able to access a View. Them not being granted a permission (via group / user permission) will do the same thing. (as a denied)

          So, if  you want to reset the Views to the Workbook permissions, the options are

          1. Republish the Workbook with the correct permissions set

          2. Set the Permissions for the Project to 'Locked to the Project' in which case the permissions of the workbook and views will be reset to the same as the project.

          3. If the options above are not possible (because each workbook in the project has different permissions), you could do the following

             - Create a temporary project

             - Set permissions of temp project to the permissions you want for workbook 1. (and lock the project)

             - Move workbook 1 into project, which means it will now have the correct permissions.

             - Move workbook 1 back to original project (which is unlocked). It will retain the permissions that have been set

             - Repeat the above steps for each workbook.

             - Delete temporary project


          Hope this helps


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            Ashish Shah

            Thanks much Glen !!