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    Could not connect to server

    Anastasiia Martyn

      hello support team and everyone.


      Have an issue and don't know what it is.


      it says:

      Could not connect to server
      [Amazon][Amazon Redshift] (10) Error occurred while trying to connect: [SQLState 08S01] FATAL: no pg_hba.conf entry for host "", user "cliq", database "cliq", SSL off

      On our end  there were no any changes in data base or in SQL quiries.


      storage we use: Redshift data base

      Tableau Server Version: 10.2.0 (10200.17.0425.1631) 64-bit
      We have used the list of
      authorized IP addresses from which external applications request access to our data listed here


      By the way, Desktop tableau is working properly.

      Please help us to fix this issue.



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