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    How to Concatenate Rows Dimensions and Use Fixed to measure unique Concatenation's value

    Yijia Wang



      I've been working on this for hours and couldn't figure out how to solve this...attached the sample worksheet (Tableau v 10.2)


      I have a data set as below:

      Order IDPosition NameChannelConversions


      And I need to have following outputs from Tableau:

      Originator > Converter
      Total Conversions
      Display > Display2.2
      DIsplay > Audio2.3


      So each order ID has its unique Originator > Converter, and its unique channel for Originator and Converter. I thought in order to approach this, I need to:

      1. firstly have some thing like this:

      Order IDOriginator


      2. and have a dimension to concatenate Originator and Converter:

      Order IDOriginator > Converter
      Sum (Conversions)
      ADisplay > Display2.2
      B> Display1.4
      CDisplay > Audio2.3


      3. then filter out incomplete Originator > Converter, in this case when Order ID = B, and roll all the Sum (Conversions) up.


      Problems I encountered:

      1. I have

      MIN(IF ([Position Name]="Originator" )then [CHANNEL]END)

      to make step 1 works (so they can be measures),

      and have

      { FIXED [Order ID]:[Originator channel]}+">"+

      { FIXED [Order ID]:[Converter channel]}

      to make step 2 work.


      However, I still need to drop Order ID into Details, and Sum(Conversions) not only cannot exactly match my excel calculations, but cannot be posted into # form.


      Any better solutions to this and make it work?


      Many thanks!