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    Convert Line Chart X-Axis Date Labels to a Non-Date String?




      I'm very new to Tableau and I have a question around changing the X-Axis labels of line charts. I'm trying to recreate this very basic line chart from Excel in Tableau that has a string as the X-axis label using the data below:



      Sprint NameSprint Complete DateStory Points
      Sprint 356-Jan-17219
      Sprint 3620-Jan-17198
      Sprint 373-Feb-17298
      Sprint 3817-Feb-17235
      Sprint 393-Mar-17212
      Sprint 4017-Mar-17228
      Sprint 4131-Mar-17226
      Sprint 4214-Apr-17177
      Sprint 4328-Apr-17122
      Sprint 4412-May-17194


      After digging around the Tableau forums & trainings, I learned that you need to have a date field of some sort to create a line chart in Tableau. Luckily, my data set does have a corresponding date field of 'Sprint Complete Date' that I can use, but the date labels are not meaningful in the context of my dataset - I really need the 'Sprint Name' string like 'Sprint 41' to be displayed as the lables instead of the date.


      My line chart in Tableau I created looks like the following, with the labels on the X-axis set as dates. Is it possible to do some sort of lookup on my dataset to display my 'Sprint Name' String to be displayed as the X-axis labels instead? Any help is much appreciated!