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    tableau data extract from SQL

    Daniel Fernandez



      I want to use a command line executable that takes a SQL table in MSFT SQL SERVER and writes it into a TDE file.


      I have been looking at this:

      Tableau Data Extract Command-Line Utility


      However, this only supports adding or refreshing but what about creating a new extract from scratch.


      I also looked at the SDK but it's quite suboptimal since it does not rely on tableau to do the work but rather  one needs to write custom code to do it, and that code is not really supported


      SQL Server Query to Tableau Data Extract LIKE A BOSS – Some more TDE API fun with Python & Tableau 8 | Ryan Robitaille

      This has major limitation for large datasets, and it's quite slow.


      Is there any better command line executable solution to solve my issue?




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          Hey Daniel,


          The Data Extract Command-Line Utility is really just a glorified way to tell Tableau Desktop to run a refresh or add data. People tend to use it in combination with Windows Scheduler to run refreshes are desired times. However, the extracts are still created within Tableau Desktop. The only mechanism we have for creating an extract via scripting would be our Tableau Data Extract API which is now a part of the SDK. You may also want to look into a third-party solution like Alteryx.



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            Vathsala Achar

            Hi Daniel,


            I have recently published a library to create .tde if you point it to the right view or table. It can then publish and overwrite it. I think this library may suit your needs. I initially wrote it for MSSQL but had to alter it to suit our new database EXAsol. So it needs some testing on MSSQL but I am more than happy to make the changes or accept contributions.


            If you could try it and let me know of any issues using it I would much appreciate it.


            More details are in this post:

            Open source wrapper for Tableau SDK in Python to create and publish .tde


            Library: TRExt