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    Unable to delete a user on Tableau Server.


      Hi Friends,

      I am facing a problem in deleting a user from our "Company-Tableau server" and the reason for deleting is he was a contractor came to do few reports,
      As of now i have unlicensed his role.


      Screenshot of the error when i try to delete a person


      The below approach was followed (PF Screenshot)


      Thank's in advance.




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          Jeff Strauss

          TS will not let you delete a user until you reassign ownership of content.  Go to the projects / workbooks / data sources / views page and make transfer any ownership to somebody else first.



          Example of change owner on workbook tab:

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            harpreet kaur

            I was in a situation when i changed the ownership of one of the workbook and then its refresh started failing.

            Later we had to republish the workbook to resolve the issue.

            This can help if you are facing similar issue

            Error "No Tableau Server user found" After Changing Ownership and After Refreshing Workbook that Contains a Published Ex…


            Is there a way we can avoid this one?

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              Jeff Strauss

              Instead of republishing, go to edit connection for the workbook's datasource.  And make sure that it has an embedded password.

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                Toby Erkson

                This is the BIGGEST PITA for us.  We have many interns and contractors that come in, create reports, then leave.  Someone needs to take over the workbooks/data sources and, of course, when the ownership is assigned to a full-time person the data source connections break   We need the option for this not to happen!  Plugging my Idea on this:  Allow Ownership changes without breaking Embedded Credentials.

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                  Jeff Strauss

                  1000% agree!!!!!  I tried voting it up again, but unfortunately I can only vote once  



                  In the interum, we have leveraged the REST API to deploy a "fix connection" utility (which I talked about at a Think Data Thursday a while back).  Once a day, before the next overnight set of extracts run, it updates all connections to use a generic app id to connect up to our primary warehouse.  And we in a sense avoid most of the non-sense.

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                    Hi Harpreet, Instead of republishing the by changing the connection simply wont solve the issue you need to follow a processes and then upload.. before that make sure that in server the server is good and all the permission are set to the users or the owner content.


                    Publish the extract as well:-


                    Now follow the below procedure.





                    1. In Tableau Desktop, connect to the current Tableau Server
                      1. Server -> Sign in
                      2. Enter Your Tableau website
                    2. In the “Connect” menu on the left margin, click “Tableau Server”
                    3. Locate the data source you wish to republish and select it from the list
                    4. When the data source schema populates, click on “Sheet 1”
                    5. On Sheet 1, right-click on the data source in the data pane and select “Create Local Copy”. Choose a folder on your workstation and save the local copy.

                    6. Close the server data source by right-clicking on it and clicking “Close”
                    7. Right-click on the new local copy you created and click “Edit Data Source”.
                    8. When prompted for credentials to SQL Server, be sure to enter the full server name of “SVUSSQL01.MERZ.DE”. Then select “Use a specific username and password” and enter the usernames provided by Akash for your unit.

                    9. Click on “Sheet 1”. This will cause the data source to refresh it’s extract.
                    10. 10.  right click on the data source and click Extract -> Remove Extract.
                    11. 11.  When prompted, be sure to select the second option, “Remove the extract and delete the file”.
                    12. 12.  Then you will need to re-extract the data to your local machine (By right clicking and “extract data”)
                    13. Once the connection is made, you will find yourself back on the Data Source page. At this point you need to connect to the new Tableau Server at Liaison. Go to the Server dropdown menu and click “Sign Out”.

                    14. Now go back to the Server menu and click “Sign in”. Enter YOUR TABLEAU SERVER URL as the server name and click “Connect”.

                    15. When prompted, enter your personal credentials or Run as user credentials and connect.

                    16. To publish the data source, click the Server dropdown and select “Publish Data Source”.

                    17. On the publish screen, select the appropriate data sources project from the dropdown menu, then be sure to remove “(local copy)” from the data source name. Provide a description of the data source. Finally, click “Edit” under Authentication and select “Allow refresh access” from the dropdown menu.

                      After these are all set, click “Publish”.



                    1. On Tableau Server, change the owner of the data source to the original owner (Tableau Server) by clicking on the data source, then the options button, and then ‘Change Owner’.



                    1. You must then edit the connection as Tableau Server will default to “Prompt user for password if needed”.  Click on the data source, then the options button, then ‘Edit Connection’. 



                    1. Change the ‘Password’ setting to ‘Embedded password in connection’.  Update the ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ field with the usernames provided by Akash for your unit.



                    1. Test the connection and then save.



                    1. Assign the data source to a refresh schedule.


                    I hope this helps you,