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    Tableau paramter - pass Value in URL Action

    Grzegorz Ledwon

      Hey everyone,


      I have a question regarding Parameters in Tableau and using them in the URL Action.


      I want to create a new list parameter in Tableau that in the "Value" column will have numbers (IDs) and in the "Display As" column I want to have some descriptions that are easier to understand by the end user.




      My understand was that when I later use this Parameter in the URL Action call, it will pass the number from the "Value" column but on the contrary it is using the text from the "Display As" attribute




      Do you any workaround to this issue, i.e. how can I see the text from the "Display As" column in the Tableau dropdown list but ultimately pass its corresponding "Value" (ID: 6 in the first screenshot) to the URL Action?


      Thank you,