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    Combining data across different columns

    Gladys Kai Xin Ng

      Hi everyone! Started learning Tableau for the past 2 days, and am facing some difficulties combining data across different columns. I have an excel spreadsheet that has multiple values in a cell (eg. Australia, Thailand, Cambodia). I want to create a symbol map of all the values (in my case, countries) in my data set.


      How I've gotten around to doing it is to custom split the data into different columns, so that each cell has only 1 value. I'll call the split columns Sub Country 1, Sub-Country 2 etc. However, when I tried to drag all these new dimensions to the 'Marks' section, some of the countries doesn't get shown on the map. For instance, Sub Country 1 includes Philippines when dragged to the 'Marks' section, but when I dragged Sub Country 2 (which doesn't include Philippines) into the 'Marks' section as well, Philippines doesn't get shown on the map. I've tried creating a combined field for all my 'split' dimensions, but some countries still don't get shown on the map. 


      Does anyone out here happen to know why, and how I can resolve this issue and show all countries in my data set on my symbol map? I'm using Tableau 10.2, have attached my workbook for reference. Thanks so much!