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    Mysterious importsite_verified failure FYI

    Toby Erkson

      This is just informational and I have submitted a case to Tableau Support but just as a FYI, not to be solved by them.  I sent them the server logs and screen shots.  This was just a test on my sandbox server so no harm no foul.


      I was importing a site yesterday and it was taking over an hour (.zip file is 23.5GB) so I went home.  When I came back this morning here's what I saw:

      "The driver encountered an unknown error:"  and nothing else


      The Default site was still deactivated so I had to use the tabadmin command to activate it.  I don't know if it's related but an hour after I left work I received the Low Disk Space warning email (13.9% free disk space) from that server, every hour, until 8:14PM.  So I'm wondering if maybe not enough disk space could have been the issue.  I never did receive a critical level error (10% or lower free disk space).  If Tableau Support responds to me I'll update but, for now, this is just a FYI to server admins.