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    Create an administrator account?

    Mark Luther

      Hi, I tried installing tableau server and at final stage of installation tableau console page opened asking for creating an administrator account. I tried giving the credential which I initially gave at the time of installing set up, but the webpage replied as credentials are not supported. So, my question is when we install server in a enterprise level what username and password should we give? AD domain name should have the user account included in it? Someone please explain me on how to create an admin account. FYI: I have enabled sso. Thanks

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          Mark McGhee

          It can be confusing but for the "Run As User" account when you first start to setup Tableau Server we actually recommend not using an administrator account:


          Create and Update the Run As User Account


          Under the best practice section we have the one bullet point:


          Do not use an account with any kind of domain administrative permissions. Specifically, when you create an account in Active Directory, create an account in the domain User Group. Do not add the account that you create to any Active Directory security groups that needlessly elevate the permissions for the account.


          You can for the most part select an account you feel would be appropriate


          Add an Administrator Account