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    How to capture the tableau created SQL when user access a dashboard through Tableau audit

    vamsi cherukuri

      Tableau auditing which captures the high level auditing information like total users and user activity by connecting the tableau desktop to tableau PostgreSQL repository 

      Since we are health client, we have a requirement to capture the user activity accessed at data level or may be try to capture the SQL generated when user access any particular dashboard in the audit.


      Requirement: Since we are health client we need to supervise what are the users that accessed at what level of data at what time on the dashboards.

      Management is looking to supervise the users who are accessing PHI (Patient Health information).

      For example suppose user1 accessed a set of patients level information through accessing dashboard on server.

      We need to see the SQL generated by that user1’s click to access that particular dashboard or the set of data accessed by that user.

      Is it possible at all to get that detail level of audit information ?

      Note: I know each user access logs the SQL in the 'C:\ProgramData\Tableau\Tableau Server\data\tabsvc\logs\vizqlserver' on tabprotosrv.txt


      I did my research to check all the tables in the PostgreSQL but i don't think its capturing that detail level in the workgroup.


      If this is not possible through tableau features/functionality, is there any way to achieve this either by using 3rd party tool or by coding ?


      I would really appreciate your inputs.


      Thank you,

      Vamsi, Cherukuri