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    Problem with Map Not Clearing

    Crystal Chilman

      Hello.  I am really struggling w/an issue.  Everything filters on my dashboard super great.  AWESOME.  I made a "Clear Filters" button which clear them all.  AWESOME.  However, it won't clear this map. So for instance, I can choose Douglas and it will highlight this county, but even after "clear filters", the darn county still stays highlighted.  To clear it, I have to click a few times on the side.  My users aren't going to understand this. 




      Here is my action for reset filters.  The reset button is on the Position dashboard, so the "Reset Filters" button is checked.


      My targets are all of them on the positions dashboard.  PositionMap is the one that has the map on. Also, does anyone know how to keep my map so it does not zoom in and out and move around for people?  I just want them to click on it to choose the county.  Once they start double clicking the thing goes all over the place.



      Thanks in advance

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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Crystal


          Ran into this some time back and it was real nasty to figure out how to fix the problem - My issue was that between the filters on the reset and the worksheets and the actions I had actions that counteracted each other - Ok so what - well what I finally had to do to find the problem was break  it down one action at a time and see exactly what it was doing - that said I see you have missing fields on your Reset tab - good place to start - what fields are missing and are those fields on the worksheet that won't clear


          Good luck - don't envy you on this one