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    Analysis of speed (distance/time) in visualization

    Richard Rogers

      Hi folks,


      I'm recreating two graphs in Tableau, from an external reporting website/resource.

      I am using Tableau Professional Version 10.2.1.


      These are the two following images are from the other resource, that I am making progress recreating in Tableau.


      This first one shows (from top to bottom) Heart Rate, Cadence, and Speed.

      The X-Axis shows distance.



      This one shows the same metrics.

      The X-Axis shows time, arbitrarily in 5 minute intervals.



      I have partially succeeded in recreating these graphs in Tableau, for both X-Axis time, and distance.

      In other words, I can see Heart Rate, and Cadence, by either time or distance. Take a look at the sheets "MetricsByRunTime" and "MetricsByKM".


      I am having difficulty showing speed.

      In the attached workbook, I have a sheet named "SpeedExperimentalByTime", where I can show the speed in km/h by time.

      This graph is incomplete, and I'm having a difficult time deciding how to proceed.


      If I select "TrackpointTime" (as an Exact Date) for Columns, and my calculated field "SpeedKMH" in Rows, I can see a graph that shows speed.

      However, I don't want to see TrackpointTime along the X-Axis. I want to see Time from Start along the X-Axis.


      If I change columns to RunTimeMinutes (calculated), and rows to SpeedKMH, I get the message:

      "The table calculation for SpeedKMH requires a field that is missing. Please add the missing field to the view.".


      I wonder how I should proceed.


      I sincerely appreciate your tips/advice.