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    Drop-down filter choice disappears when published to server (10.1.3)

    Jonathan Kayes

      I have a filter that shows all options on Desktop, but one disappears on Server.

      There's a space for it, but it's not selectable.

      The dash employes a User Filter based on a calculated field that uses "organization."

      The problem only arises when logged in as someone who has permission to see that option (i.e., the missing choice is Foo, I have permission to see Foo, but it's missing).

      When logged in as someone who doesn't have permission to see that option, the filter is fine. Nothing is missing (i.e., I log in as Bar, and I still see Bar).


      I know it would be helpful to upload the workbook, but even the metadata is sensitive.

      I'm hoping someone else has come across this before.


      Thanks for any help you can provide!