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    Multiple Workbooks

    Crystal Chilman

      My boss wants me to create a tableau dashboard.  No problem.  I did.  We have an agency with sub divisions in it.  Here's the issue: the boss wants the sub divisions to only see THEIR data.  This isn't on a server or anything fancy because our agency doesn't have that capability right now.  Is there a way I can make a main tableau dashboard with all of the sub division dashboards (for my administrator) and then somehow get those sub division dashboards into other workbook packages so each sub divisions only get their data and I only have to update the main dashboard vs updating 8 whenever changes are made?  This is Human Resource data, which is highly confidential, so it's on a "need to know" basis.


      Any ideas?  Also,  I'm not an IT person.  I just started learning tableau a few months ago...so if it involves advance programming of some sort of a server, mainframe or any other words like that, that isn't an option for me.  I'm just the data gal.



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          Chris McClellan

          I agree with everything Shawn said, but you can draw this out on paper to see the problem.


          Without using Server, your choices are :


          A) 1 workbook, 8 datasources (extracts maybe ?) and change the connection and "Save as" every time the data changes and you need to redistribute.


          B) 8 workbooks, 1 (or 8) datasources and make the same dashboard change 8 times over ... assuming every change needs to be done in every dashboard.


          With Server you can have


          C) 1 workbook, 1 datasource, each user logs in with their own username and only sees their data.


          FWIW, A is probably the best without using Server, but you will be massively more productive by using Server and going with C

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            Crystal Chilman

            That's exactly what I thought.  Well, I guess I will just have to make individual ones and email them to each director. I'm all for going with the server, but that literally would take years (I'm on a workgroup for it) and the state moves at a snail's pace, PLUS it is all about cost.  Oh well! :-)  


            Thank you!!!!

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              Crystal Chilman

              Thanks, Chris!!