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    Am I right that you cannot print multi page dashboards? or Can you print filter card in worksheets?

    Victor Clarke

      I am using Tableau to prepare analyses to support a thesis on Ancient Egypt.


      For the thesis, I will need to include in the appendices print outs of all the analyses that support the conclusions. Many of the analyses are either single page dashboards (graphs, etc) which I can print or long lists of holders of different titles which I can design and print out as worksheets. However I have a number of analyses where I need to use a dashboard, that are more than one page long.


      Every time I try to print a dashboard, all I get is the first page, with the scroll bar that appears on screen showing that there is more data that you can scroll down through - of course in paper you can't scroll.


      I cannot find any answer on these forums as to how to print a multi page dashboard (there are a lot of old queries back in 2010 that indicate it is not possible, but I can't find any recent answers on the subject which is why I am asking again).


      I recognise that Tableau is not designed for "brute force" type reports as has been noted in response to previous questions on this subject.


      Alternate question

      An option that would work for many of my multi page analyses is just to design them as a single worksheet - worksheets can be printed out as multi page.


      However when I print out a multi page worksheet, the filter card does not print out showing the filters that were applied. As many of my analyses rely on filters, I need to show what filters were applied. Is there any way to include the filters card in the print out of a worksheet? (Interestingly I note that the colours card is included when you print).


      Note I am using the Mac version of Tableau in case there is a difference between Mac and Windows, and am printing to PDF (but could print to paper and scan if there is a difference).


      Thanks in advance