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    Embed Tableau in a powerpoint to share with others w/o coding, developer tab, or add in?

    Brittne Nelson



      Is there an up-to-date way to embed a Tableau Public viz into a powerpoint and share that deck with others so that the people who get the document will have the interactivity of Tableau but the remaining context of the powerpoint presentations other slides?  I have seen this very technical solution from 2015 (I don't have access to either terminal or any of these tool) https://www.interworks.com/blog/daustin/2015/10/23/exporting-tableau-dashboards-powerpoint and this Liveweb solution from 2012 (Embed Tableau Visualizations in PowerPoint - Clearly and Simply and this add-in solution from 2012 Tableau Tip: Embedding a Dashboard in PowerPoint in 8 simple steps (Yes, you read that right!)  Has time provided an easy way to do this?