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    Getting Specific Latitudes and Longitudes

    Prayson Wilfred Daniel

      Sometimes, generating our latitudes and longitudes of specific locations is better than depending on Tableau's generated geolocation.

      Using Python to automate boring stuff, we can write a simple 30 lines(or less) script that will pass our addresses into Google Maps API(or other services) and return their geolocation.


      Here is how:

      1. Get the list of the addresses you want geolocation and save them as CSV(e.g. Cities.csv)

      2. Write a simple Python script that will append your own Latitudes and Longitudes (e.g. geoGoogle.py #github file).



      3.Make sure you have the script and csv file in some folder (e.g. ....\Documents\Python Scripts). Run the script:

      python geoScript.py Cities.csv



      4. The output will have geo+yourfilename.csv (e.g. geoCities.csv)


      5. Left join your data to get your Geolocation





      And there you have it. I have attached both Cities.csv and geoScript.py for you to test