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    How do I determine cross selling when I have the sales per product and document number

    Stefan Stoian



      I want to find the cross selling between categories, but my data source is structured as followes:



      What I want to find out above is with what categories (category 2) does A2 is making cross selling and I want to use the category 2 as a parameter from a list.


      Practically I want to flag the document number where I can find A2 category present even if is not mentioned in "category 2" field for each of the lines.

           for example, from above A2 is making cross sell with A1 (1 USD), A3 (3 USD), B1 (4 USD) and B2 (6 USD).



      I cannot attach the data from my company but if you can help me with the presented example I would be very gratefully