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    Actions from multiple rows in a table to corresponding worksheets

    Zeenat Goyal

      Hello Experts,


      I am having a requirement wherein I need to move to 9 different sheets from the dashboard. I know this is not difficult through FILTER actions from Dashboard. Enclosed is the .twbx file in version 10.2


      My problem is -

      each work has some detailed data and their count has to be shown on the Dashboard in a tabular form.


      1st Detailed sheet

      2nd detailed sheet

      Now on the Dashboard, I am displaying the information like -

      I have to apply the ACTIONS on Count Column, Requirement is when I click on 200, it takes me to a 1st Detailed sheet when clicked on 100 it takes to the 2nd detailed sheet and so on. Currently, it is going on the 1st sheet only even when clicked on 100, where it should take the 2nd sheet.

      how to achieve this particular requirement. Any suggestions.