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    How to filter based on number of non-null values

    Anthony Steller



      I have a data set of many "customers" located in 13 Cities which I group in to 10 Cities (some are close and I consider them the same for this output). Not all customers are in every grouped city and I am trying to build a filter to show me only the customers that are in 8 or more of the cities. Here is a snip of what I am looking at:


      So I want to be able to place a dynamic filter on this sheet so that I would only see the highlighted customers (they are in 8 or more grouped cities). I could manually build a customer dimension grouping the customers I want to see and filter by that, but I would have to verify and update that each time I update my data in case an existing customer added a new city and got to 8, and I want to avoid that. I have tried a number of formulas in a calculated field to use for the filter but I can't seem to get it to filter what I want exactly.


      Using Tableau Desktop 10.1.3


      Attached is my sample workbook, any suggestions would be much appreciated!