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    how to apply table calculations to reflect on all reports on dashboard?



      I have a dashboard for gaming data. data is plotted on floor image to get game details and revenue per location.

      We have 9 week data period. in those 9 weeks(2 months) we have 2 games sharing the same position i.e

      position 1 - game A - 1st month

      position 1 - game B - 2nd month


      Here I am able to sum revenue amounts for position 1 on the image, but when we display revenues on pane, the amounts go off.


      Requirement : On Dashboard, I have to  filter on 4-26 or 4-27 (A_Map - workbook attached) and would need to display data same as it is shown on tooltip in all the dashboard panes above it.

      This works perfectly for position 4-21, 4-22 but not for next 2 positions.


      TWBX attached with dummy data. Requesting help from experts.