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    Display/Calculate 20% reduction from 2010 baseline to 2020 target

    Betsy Lough

      I am working with energy data where we are tracking by gallons of gasoline equivalent by quarter on a calendar year.


      I want to display the what the goal of 20% reduction is in 2020 from the 2010 baseline values. I would like to have it display in a break out by quarters for the year 2020 so someone could look at their current usage (2016-2017) and see the value from the current year to the 2020 goal. The filters I will have apply to change the views of the data are division and region. I would prefer to keep it in a stacked bar format if possible since it is easier for my bosses to digest.



      2010 (Baseline) Year     Current Year     2020 (Target) Year (20% reduction from 2010)

      100 GGe                              120  GGe         80 GGe


      I found the future prediction but it wasn't displaying quite what I was looking for.