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    How to change Reference Line in Scatter Plot among Y = X Line, Average Lines or Trend Lines

    Rohit Nagpal

      Attached tableua workbook provides an option to user to select the type of Reference Line that user would like to see in the Scatter Chart.

      The parameter called "Select Reference Line" conatins the values: Average Lines, Y = X Line, Trend Line and None.


      For example if user select the "Trend Line" option from paramter then Trend Line of the Selected X Axis And Selected Y Axix will be shown in the chart.

      Similar are the case for Average Lines and Y = X line options. But if user select the "None" option then no reference line will be shown in the chart.


      Also, there are options where user can select the X Axis, Y Axis, Group By and Color By fields in the Scatter Chart.


      Thanks & Regards,

      Rohit Nagpal