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    Can I put extract filter on a calculated field

    anoosha shetty

      Hi Folks ,


      I am using tableau 9.2 version and a newbie to tableau.


      I have field called "MTH" in my table and it has rolling 13months values in it ( example. : - 2017-5, 2017-4,....so on ). at a time in it.


      My user wants rolling 4 months of data in the dashboard . so to get that I know I should use relative date filter while putting  extracting itself .


      But the issue is my MTH column is of string type . So I have created a new calculated filed in the dashboard as DATE type .When I put the extract filter on this newly calculated field and try to create extract . I get NO  DATA in the workbook  .


      Values in the newly calculated filed seems to be right ,but extraction on it is not working.


      Please help me with suggestions